A boy & his fishing pole – {Nampa, ID Child Photography}

We headed out to Lake Lowell to do some fishing with my dad. The boys love to go, even if Ashton only sits and actually fishes for about the first five minutes before he decides he’s bored and wants to run around and explore. Lol. Glad I got to snap this photo before he got sidetracked! He’s so darn cute…

Nampa idaho portrait photographer


Crystal - Love this Ali! He’s adorable…and this is a perfect moment :)

Mandy - What a precious moment you have captured, I love that he has his leg crossed over his knee… now you should capture this same moment though the rest of his life..as he grows into an old man. lol. I love this =) your amazing.

Ali Smith - The funny thing is is that he ALWAYS sits like this! And he insists on wearing that hoodie and jeans ALL THE TIME (you wouldn’t know it was like 90 degrees out when this was taken) because he says he is being like Benny (from The Sandlot). He’s just too funny…

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