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Boudoir sessions allow me to capture your sexy and playful side. That side that not everyone gets to see. Maybe your husband. Maybe your significant other. Maybe just the mirror before you put on your evening’s best before a night on the town with the girls.

My goal with every boudoir session is to make you feel beautiful, pampered, and special. I provide a relaxed, no-pressure, warm environment where you bare as much or as little as you’d like. No judgment. Just a good time. From beginning to end, I want to provide a truly memorable experience for you…your session begins with professional hairstyling & make-up application…Idaho Boudoir Photographer Hair Makeup

I encourage you to have 3-5 outfit choices available. We may not be able to use all of them, but this will allow for a few options and provide variety. In the weeks leading up to your session, we will collaborate ideas for hair, makeup and clothing and I will go over some basic do’s and don’ts. I will also help show you what will look best on your body type. Props are welcome, but please keep them PG-13!  You can check out a fun little boudoir inspiration guide I put together by clicking HERE.

Womens Portraiture Boudoir Photography

Boudoir sessions are typically held in my client’s home, but other options would be a hotel (there are a few in town that I highly recommend), a friend’s home or I have a space available for shooting. We will discuss this further during your consultation.

I know a lot of women stress about being so vulnerable in front of a camera and one of the main questions I get is “What about my ______ (fill-in-the-blank: cellulite, stretch marks, scars, etc)?” and are worried that these things will be front and center in their images. Know that I will always photograph you and present your images the way I would want for myself. I will never present an image that doesn’t show your best self! Once your order is placed, I will do full editing and retouching to make your photo something you can be proud of. I want, more than anything, for you to be totally excited to show your significant other your photos. Or, if you’re doing a session just for yourself…I want you to want to go open up that album and peek at these photos and smile. I want you to feel sexy and confident and beautiful. I hope you will consider a boudoir session, despite how scary and intimidating it might seem. I promise to do everything in my power to alleviate those fears and please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

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Boudoir packages start at $897, which INCLUDES PROFESSIONAL HAIR STYLING & MAKE-UP APPLICATION, a personal Reveal Session in your home where you view your images and select images for your order and premium luxury products. During your pre-consultation, we will get an idea of what you’d like to do with your finished images and you can choose the package that best fits your needs. Don’t worry, you can always upgrade your package later if you need to. :)

Couples sessions available, too!

Nampa Boise Idaho Couple Boudoir Photography

Please contact me to discuss your session and for full pricing.

Use the “Contact” link up at the top of the page to book your session today!


Michelle Roby - Hey Ali,

I live in Lewiston, Idaho but I’m interested in maybe booking a boudoir session with you. My husband’s birthday is Dec. 11th. Would it possible to have pictures printed by then? I know it’s kind of short notice. Let me know what your schedule looks like and we can work something out. Have a great day!


Ali Smith - Hi Michelle! I will email you my availability and some more information as soon as I get a chance. It’s been a crazy week! Probably tonight or tomorrow afternoon. :)

Kate B. - Hi Ali-
I would be very interested in doing something like this for my husbands and I’s 5 wedding anniversary coming up however we are really tight on money due to the birth of our second child. I was curious if you would/could do payment plans?

thank you for your time


Ali Smith - I will shoot you an email right now with more info, Kate. :)

Danyal - Hi. I was wondering if there was a possible payment schedule available. Thank you :)

Ali Smith - Danyal, yes I do have many payment plan options available! I sent you an email with more details. :)

Kassandra D - Hi! I was curious what your payment plan options are? Thank you!!

Ali Smith - Kassandra, I just sent you an email with more info! :)

kate - Hi I’m also interested in what payment plans you have? I would be looking to have a session complete in time for a birthday in december. Thank you!

Ali Smith - Kate, I just sent you an email with more info! :)

Dustie - Hi Ali, I was wondering about payment plans on your boudoir sessions, please let me know! Thank u!

Ali Smith - Dustie, I just sent you an email with more information. :) Let me know if you have any questions.

Meg Romine - Hi Ali,
I am wondering if you would have availability to do a boudoir shot this week and if it would be possible to at least get digital copies on disc in the next two weeks. My husband is in the military and leaving for deployment and he has requested the photos to put on his tablet. I would also be interested in knowing the cost with hair and makeup done. Thanks!

Cass - I too would love to know what you payment plans are. I am doing a fitness competition in Boise in April and would love to have boudoir photos taken when I look my best, thanks!

Ali Smith - Wow, having a hard time keeping up with all of the women inquiring about boudoir sessions! Gotta love Valentine’s Day for bringing “sexy” back. ;) Meg and Cass, I sent you emails!

gracie - I’m looking for a pre wedding session. Or maybe a session for a birthday book by Feb 26th? Hows your schedule?

Ali Smith - Sorry it took me a little bit to get back to you, but I sent you an email, Gracie. :)

Sarah - I was curious about your payment plans for the boudoir session. I’d like to get more information about the boudoir session in general

Patricia - I was also wondering about possible payment options on the boudoir session. :)

Sam - Hi I would like to book a shoot with u!

Stephanie - Hi Ali,

I was wondering I just had a baby 6 months Ago can make me look beautiful ?? Our anniversary is in may… Im a stay at home mom do u have something in a low price range after 350.00?

Ali Smith - I think I’ve gotten back to everyone here! If I happened to somehow miss you, please let me know! Contact me at

Stephanie Walker - Could i get your payment plan info please

Ali Smith - I sent you some more info, Stephanie! :)

Audrey Casper - Hey Ali! I absolutely love your boudoir shots, and am considering getting something done in the future. Would you mind sending me some info including payment options? Thanks so much!

Ali Smith - Absolutely, Audrey! Can you shoot me an email at and I’d be happy to send you some more information. :) Thanks!

Tracie Pinto - I’m very interested in this. Could you send me info on pricing and any payment options/plans you offer and any other info you can give me on these sessions would be very appreicated. Thank you.

D.B - Hi Ali,

I have some unique body issues and would like pricing+boudoir details. In addition to being overweight, I have self harm scars all over my body.

Anika - hi there, i am thinking about hainvg some boudoir pictures taken for my husband- for our anniversary in october. could you tell me more about pricing packages and if you do them in a studio or in my home?thanks so much!

Kara - Hi Alli,

I am researching to find a photographer to shoot a boudoir session as a birthday present. I live in Lewiston, Idaho and I saw that you mainly cover the southern part of Idaho. I was just wondering if you knew of, or had any references for photographers from this area. Or if you are willing to travel, a possible quote?

I appreciate your time in reading this email. Thank you.

Bailey - Hi, I interested in doing a shoot to give my husband pictures. I was just wondering where you shoot at, as well as if you have payments options? Thank you

Tiffany Shaw - Hello Ali, I am interested in doing a boudoir photo shoot in the next month or two, preferably before the end of January if you have a session available, I love the photos on your page! I live in Mountain Home Idaho but can go to Boise or anywhere around that area. Do you have a studio for the boudoir or do you prefer a hotel?

shelby marshall - Hi Ali,
I’m getting married August 18th and think boudoir photos would be a fun gift for my hubby. Can we schedule a time to get together?

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