“Everyday Moments” Sessions

Everyday Moments. You know the ones I’m talking about. Those fleeting moments in time that happen on a daily basis, but that often go overlooked. Or the moments that you hold dear and look forward to every day with your loved ones that mean the world to you to remember forever.

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The way your baby sucks their thumb and clings to their favorite “blankie” while lying down for their afternoon nap. The way your toddler snuggles close to you while you read their favorite story. The way your child giggles and smiles when daddy tickles them. The way your children play together as their imaginations run wild. The way your family connects with each other and laughs around the dinner table.

Idaho Lifestyle Portrait PhotographerAll of those moments that, as a parent, you try to hold onto and wish you could freeze in your memory forever. We take it in and tell ourselves that we won’t let ourselves forget. However, inevitably, little pieces of what we remember start to fade as time goes on. Our children outgrow some of the little quirks and traits that make them who they are at the exact age they are right now.  Sometimes a cell phone snap doesn’t quite capture the true essence of the moment. Let me capture your memories with my artistic vision and turn them into art.

With an Everyday Moments Session, I will come to your home and bring my passion for capturing memories with me. You and your family will just continue with your daily routines and I will be there capturing all of your interactions and connections.

I offer two options for capturing your Everyday Moments. Both options include me coming to your home and capturing your family just as they are in their daily life and both options come with a beautiful heirloom album of your family’s story. My lifestyle and documentary style approach will perfectly lend its hand to this unique keepsake for your family. The only difference in the two options is the amount of time I spend with your family.

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The first option would be for me to come capture a true “Day in the Life” session. I would join your family for 4-6 hours of your lives. You choose the time of day that is most important and meaningful for you. Whether it’s waking your kids up in the morning and cooking breakfast together. Their sleepy eyes and crazy hair. Playing in their pjs and morning snuggles. Getting dressed and going outside to play.  Or maybe for you, the best part of the day is the second half…eating dinner as a family around the table. Bathtime bubbles and bedtime stories. Tucking your babies into bed. And, if during the time that I’m with your family, your children have activities such as swim lessons, ballet class, or baseball practice…or you just want to go to the neighborhood park to play…I will go along with you to capture your child in action! And maybe you and their siblings watching proudly from the sidelines.

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The second option is just a petite version of the “Day in the Life” session. I will come spend 2 hours with your family and still capture everything listed above that I can within that time frame. Again, you choose the time of day that is most meaningful for you.

Everyday Moments Family Album


“Day in the Life”  –  Starting at $1297

Includes 4-6 hours of coverage

8×8, 20-pg Heirloom album of images (chosen by photographer)

Album upgrade options available (size, # of pages/images, cover options, etc.)

“Everyday Moments” – Starting at $697

Includes 2 hrs of coverage

8×8, 10-pg Heirloom album of images (chosen by photographer)

Album upgrade options available (size, # of pages/images, cover options, etc.)
Everyday Moments Luxury Album
Everyday Moments Family AlbumWith this unique experience, you will walk away with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind heirloom album that can be passed down for generations. Imagine your children having something so precious to look back on when they are adults and to share with their children. A true glimpse into what their lives were like at this moment in time. And it’s not just about capturing the physical qualities or the daily routines, but also about memorializing the connection and the love between your family. What an incredible and special gift…

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Let me capture your family in this unique and special way. Contact me at ali@alismithphotography.com or use the “Contact” link at the top.

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