After Your Session

Your session is over and now the waiting game begins.

I try really hard to get a sneak peak of your session up within a day or two, but sometimes it takes me a little bit longer, especially during the busy months. I will post a web-size version of one or two images on my Facebook Page and/or Instagram that you are more than welcome to tag yourself in or link to in any way you choose (on your own social networking accounts like Facebook and Twitter) or to show your family and friends.

About a week after your session we will hold your Reveal Session where you will view your proofs and place your order. I prefer to hold these in your home, but if that is simply not an option I am happy to host. At this time we will go over all of the product samples, view some sample wall groupings and go over all of your options. Please be prepared to put in your order at the time of viewing. Payment in full is required unless a payment plan has been established and agreed upon and a separate contract has been signed.

The ordering session lasts about an hour. Once your order is complete and payment is received, your order will be submitted. Turnaround time depends upon the products ordered. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks to receive your order.

Please realize that not all images from your session will make the cut into your gallery. I carefully analyze each photo and choose the very best ones from  your session. People blink, limbs move and get blurred, bunny ears are made…my job is to sift through the many photos I take and provide you with the very best. Rest assured that the images you are provided in your viewing gallery have passed my strict standards for quality.

Also, please note my creative copyright information, HERE.

If you are EVER dissatisfied with any portion of your service, please do not hesitate to contact me with any concerns. It is my top priority to make sure you walk away from the entire experience 110% happy with the outcome. However, I can never rectify a situation if you don’t make me aware. I would absolutely hate for you to walk away feeling like things didn’t go quite as well as you’d imagined. If there is ever anything I can do to make your experience even a tiny bit better, please let me know. Following your experience, I will send a brief customer satisfaction survey that provides me with valuable feedback.

You may check out some of my product offerings HERE.

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