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The day has arrived and it’s time for your portrait session! Depending on the type of session, things may be a little different, but for my standard family sessions, here is an idea of how your session will go…

All parties arrive ten minutes early and your children immediately cling to me and shower me with smiles and coos and pose ever so perfectly exactly where I tell them to, all the while holding perfectly still…and…

Oh wait….that’s just how it would go in my dreams! Haha! Ok, so really, what can you expect at your session?

I do ask, ever so kindly, that you please be on time. I do not mind waiting so much, but when you’re late, it’s cutting into YOUR session time and sometimes precious daylight is being wasted. Even if you are a half hour late, your session still ends at the end time you were allotted. I schedule my sessions at a specific time of day because that is the time of optimum light and when you don’t show up on time, well, let’s just say, I can’t make the sun stay up longer than it will. :) So, please be on time.

Once at the session, we will generally do a little warming up phase for the kiddos. Get to know each other a little and make our way to where we will be doing the first photo. For my style of photography, a lot of the session will be spent simply walking around and doing what you would regularly do…spending time with your family. I will be the outsider taking the photos while you interact. While you’re doing your own thing or as we’re walking, I will ask you to stop here and there and do the more “posed” pictures. In between those I try to always allow time to get up and let the kids explore a little bit. While they’re doing that, I’ll be nearby with camera in hand, pointed and ready.

If you have little ones, I recommend that you bring some sort of non-messy snack in case they start getting antsy or irritable.  Crackers or fruit snacks work well. Another good idea is to make sure your child goes to the bathroom RIGHT before you leave. A lot of the locations where I do sessions do not have areas for them to go.

Depending on where we go, be prepared for a lot of walking, especially at parks. A stroller may be helpful. If you are wearing heels that you don’t want to walk too far in, you may want to bring flip-flops or slip on shoes to wear comfortably while we’re walking, while carrying your heels with you. Depending on the area, I like to just walk around and let the kids play and explore while I follow along. This not only results in wonderful pictures, but it also allows the children breaks and a chance to not be confined for too long.

Also, be prepared to get a little dirty. :) In that, I just mean, I may ask you to sit on the ground or on a bench or doorway that has some dirt on it. I’m not going to ask you to go jump in some mud (well..actually…that might make for some fun pictures….hm…..) BUT, depending on your location, I may ask you to go tromping through some weeds or ask you to lie on your bellies in the leaves or whatever the case may be.

Lastly….let’s have fun! Don’t be surprised if I break out my best monkey imitations or start jumping out of or from behind bushes or make really bad jokes just to get a few laughs out of the kiddos. Sometimes even Dad needs encouragement. :) I try not to take myself too seriously when it comes to photographing children and I have no qualms about lying down in the wet grass on my stomach or climbing up part of a tree to get a great shot.  I want to capture your interactions and those adorable crooked grins. I want you to treasure these photos for a lifetime…

If you are looking for an even more personal and intimate type of family session, highlighting your connections and love for each other, check out my Everyday Moments Sessions.

Once your session is over…the hard part begins…WAITING! Head over HERE for what to expect AFTER your session is over.

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