[FRAMED] – Nampa ID Portrait Photographer

Last week, I had the amazing privilege of being an assistant on the ever-popular web-series [Framed]. This web-series is an absolute must-see for all photographers! Each Tuesday they cover a new topic/photographer and today’s episode, and Season 2 finale, features a contest among three photographers, John Galfano of Seattle, Craig Lamere of Idaho, and Kel-Z of SLC. None of them had any idea of what they would be photographing for this challenge, but were given three clues…”Portraits,” “Extreme Sport,” and “Action.” Hmm….what happened after that was what I can only describe as one super fun day that I am just so glad I got to be a part of. Oh, and it also includes me putting my life on the line. Yep. Seriously.

Click HERE to check out this week’s [Framed]. Then, vote for your favorite to win! Good luck to the contestants!

A huge thank you to the [Framed] crew for letting me come and be a part of it. Being around so much talent was almost hard to take in. :) Check them out on Facebook, too, HERE.

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