Little Artist – Boise, ID Children’s Photographer

Isn’t crazy how you can walk through a whole day and everything seems rather ordinary…then one little thing…one short moment will make you stop in your tracks and just be in awe? I was out with a fellow photographer friend today and my oldest decided to come with me.  He is really into drawing and anything that involves art, so to capture this little…ahem…BIG boy totally oblivious to everything around him and just sucked into his own little world, it really made me stop and take in the moment for a minute. There were other people all around him, yet he didn’t have another care in the world. I just can’t believe how big he’s gotten and am really enjoying watching him become his own little person. Slowly, but steadily turning into the young man that he will become…

Boise, ID Child Photography

Those eyes…

Boise Idaho Child Photographer

Boise Idaho Child Photography

By the end he was hiding from me. :) Still love this photo, though.

Boise ID Children


crystal - Love them Ali!

Ali Smith - Thanks Crystal. :) I’m glad he let me get some of him!

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