My first preset share! – {Nampa ID Family Portrait Photography}

Alright, so I’ve been having a lot of fun creating my own Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions lately and thought I would share one with my lovely readers to see what you all think! This is a preset I’ve dubbed “At the Lake” since I developed it for a series of pictures I took of my family at the lake a few weekends ago. It mutes the colors a bit, while adding a bit of split-toning. It also goes high on the “recovery” slider, which tames a lot of those hot spots you get from the sun bouncing off of the water. This action is also great for a bit of a “vintage”-y (yes, I make up words sometimes) feel to certain photos. Play with it a bit and see what you think!

nampa id newborn family boudoir children

You can download the file for LR and for ACR

Instructions for installing LR presets HERE.


Sarah - I can’t wait to try this, I plan on downloading the Trial from Adobe. I’m going to wait till i have more time…. Its just an expensive program if i really like it. :/ I tried PSE and i really didn’t like the “layers” so i look forward to LR :)

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