Nampa Family Photographer – {V} Family

First off, I have to tell you what a trooper this mom is…broken ankle, brace, and all (she had JUST broken it the day before our session, mind you) she was determined not to let that stop anything! Lol. The session went on as scheduled and I have to say that I’m so glad it did. We got some really great shots and, even though we had to walk pretty slow to let mom keep up, we managed just fine. :) The sun was still pretty high in the sky, but we managed to find some shade here and there and I just love the way the sun hits in some of these pictures. I am having so much fun mastering natural lighting (though I’m FAR from a master) Each session is teaching me something new and I just love it. I will admit that I still get home and when I look at that day’s session, there are quite a few pictures that I WISH had turned out better and ultimately cannot use and it makes me SOOOO sad! I can’t wait for the day when I have so much more consistence in what I’m shooting and have most of my techniques nailed down. :)

ANY WAY, I totally went off there for a second…on to this adorable family!


Rankin family - COLOR! He is so cute!!

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