{Luxury Albums}

I have been DYING to share this product spotlight with you! This is definitely high up on my list of favorite products ever. Why? Could it be because they are simply stunning? Well, yes, but that’s not the main reason. Is it because of the professional and lasting quality? Yes again…but that’s not the real reason.

As a photographer, one of the main questions that I get asked upon a potential client’s first inquiry is….”Do you sell the disc?” My answer is “Absolutely. But….” There IS a “but.” I love for my clients to have their digital negatives if that is important to them. Some want them to be able to scrapbook, some want them just to be able to print out as many as they want to send to friends and family, some just want to be able to have a back-up. Whatever the reason, I understand digital files are popular right now and what many clients desire. HOWEVER, my goal at Ali Smith Photography is to provide you with a truly custom experience from start to finish where the end-result is not just another disc that will wind up in your desk drawer or digital images that will end up in some folder on your computer. I want my clients to walk away with beautiful heirlooms that are ready to hang, look at, hand out, etc. Whether that is a beautiful canvas or float wrap hung on the wall or one of these beautiful coffee table albums to keep on display. I promise you that if this is sitting on your coffee table, your guests WILL want to look at it. They will love it! And isn’t that so much more awesome than saying “Yeah, come over to the computer and look at these photos.” :) That’s just my little PSA for today.

So now, without further adieu….

Boise Nampa ID PhotographyMeridian Boise ID Family Newborn PhotographerNampa Boise ID Newborn Photography

You will get a chance to see and feel an album at your in-person ordering session following your session. These come in a variety of sizes and you will also get to see and feel all of the cover options available. There are also some other upgrade options like adding a custom photo cover (you can see an example of that on my Bedside Album page HERE). The number of images in your album will depend on size and options chosen.

I look forward to creating one of these special keepsakes for you and your family that will last and be passed down for generations.

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