Weekend in the woods, Day 1 – {Nampa, ID Family Photography}

So, as I mentioned in my last post when I shared the session with our family friend and her son, my family got to spend the weekend up at my father’s cabin in Donnelly. We go up there once a year, generally in August and I have to say that it is still just so amazing to me to look at pictures from previous years and see the change each new year has brought. Our first trip up there as a family was in 2006 and it was just my husband, myself and our oldest. The next year, I was pregnant. The year after that, we had our two boys. Then every year since we’ve had all three kids. But to look back at those photos and see how much they’ve grown and changed is just incredible.

Any way, we went up for our yearly trip and had an incredible time. The first day we headed down to the lake just to play in the sand and check it out…however….the kids had other ideas….

Nampa, ID Family Photography

In they went with their clothes on. Lol. How could we say no? They didn’t mind one bit!

Boise ID Child Photography

Boise ID Childrens Photographer

Boise ID Portrait PhotographerMeridian Idaho Child Photographer

Boise Idaho Lifestyle PortraitsBoise Idaho Child Photographer

Nampa Portrait Photographer

They would have stayed all day if we’d have let them…but I had a photo session with Cyndi and Logan coming up that evening, so we had to head back.

Boise Idaho child photography

These two were like peas in a pod the entire weekend. :) Soooo cute. :)

Nampa Photography

Walking with Daddy…

Boise Idaho Photography

Just hanging out on the porch waiting for the boys to come out and play with her. :)

Then we headed out for our session, which I hope to post more photos from soon!

To be continued…

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